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Meet the CSCSW Board of Directors

Brian Ngo-Smith, LCSW
Board Chair
Serving on the CSCSW Board is a great opportunity to give back to this community, to help guide the direction of our organization, and to be a face for clinical social work in Colorado.  Many of our efforts in the last few years have been to create a more inclusive organization, attracting agency-based social workers, and shifting the perception and focus of CSCSW from being mostly private practice-oriented, to a broader community of clinicians.  I am proud to serve as President while also working primarily in community mental health.

Melodye Feldman, LCSW
Membership Chair, Former Board Chair

As Chair of the CSCSW Board I have been surrounded by dedicated and professional board members who have worked and continue to work on providing continuing education, legislation, and practice standards that elevate our profession.  I am proud to be a member of an organization that provides our profession with a voice in the mental health arena.  As Chair of the Membership Committee to continue to recruit new members to our organization.  I believe that as a member organization it is incumbent upon all of us to volunteer our time in service as a Committee or Board member.

Shannon Schou, LCSW, LAC
Education Committee Chair
I have loved serving on the Board.  I have learned so much about social work as a profession from some of the best in Colorado.  I love the networking opportunities serving has provided me with over the years.  I am passionate about education and continuing education, and serving as the Education Chair has enabled me to provide educational and learning experiences to others.

Li Brookens, LCSW
Education Committee Co-Chair
I serve on this Board because it motivates me to stay in the know on clinical social work education, policies, and best practices.  I love who I work with and our mission to advance social work interests in society.  My favorite part of being a Board member and a member is the relationships I have developed with my colleagues and peers.

Carole Fee Invanoff, PhD, LCSW
Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair
My board position offers me a thoroughly enjoyable way to give back to a profession that has provided me with a wonderfully rewarding career.  CSCSW provides continuing education in an informal, collegial setting for beginning as well as seasoned social workers.  As Chair of the Awards and Scholarship Committee on the CSCSW Board, I am able to facilitate recognition of outstanding service from individuals in both of these groups.  It is a privilege to be able to serve on a board of social workers from varying disciplines and common purpose.

Julianne Mitchell, LCSW, Clinical Associate Professor

CSCSW University of Denver Liaison

I believe in people and encouraging them to reach for the extraordinary.  As a clinician, teacher, and independent contractor, I have worked with children, families, students, and the community for over 20 years.  As the DU Liaison to CSCSW, I have been on the Board for the past three years and am passionate about the organization’s Mission of supporting and advancing clinical social work. I am excited about my role of engaging students to be active members of CSCSW and supporting the partnership between CSCSW and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work.

Liz Schulte, LCSW, PhD in Progress
Practice Standards Committee Chair and Treasurer
Clinical social work is a rich and rewarding field, grounded in rigorous academic and practice requirements.  I serve on the Board in the capacity of Practice Standards Committee Chair to support the field through the development and implementation of guidelines to help clinical social workers interpret and apply legal, ethical, and professional standards to their practice. I also serve in the capacity of Board Treasurer to facilitate the best and most productive use of membership dues to further the mission of CSCSW.  Social work is all about relationships, and the best part of being on the Board is the opportunity to connect with other clinical social workers who represent all facets of the profession.